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Cat’s claw or uña de gato
March 27, 2015
Huanarpo macho supplier

Huanarpo macho supplier

    Huanarpo macho from Peru

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    Origin of Huanarpo macho

    huanarpo macho (Jatropha macrantha), a native plant, native to Peru, can be found in abundance in the valley of the Maranon river in the Amazon, and in the department of Puno at an altitude between 1500 and 2600 m.

    Huanarpo macho is medium shrubby tree (10 to 12 m in height) with pretty reddish-orange flowers. It is indigenous to Peru and can be found in abundance in the Marañon river valley in the Amazon and in the Puno district in Peru. Huanarpo macho is a plant that follows, what is termed in botany and ethnobotany as, the “Doctrine of Signatures.” The Doctrine is based on that, by observation, one can determine from the color of the flowers or roots, the shape of the leaves, the place of growing, or other “signatures,” what the plant should be used for. The young branch stems of the huanarpo macho tree are shaped like a man’s anatomy and for centuries these young branch stems have been used in traditional medicine systems to support, aid, and enhance male sexual function.

    The Jatropha macrantha contains sapogenins, steroids, flavonoids, alkaloids and essential oils and a large amount of proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins which are compounds that occur naturally in various plants.

    Huanarpo macho supplier

    Huanarpo macho supplier

    Traditional use of Huanarpo:

    According male ancestral knowledge huanarpo, it was traditionally used in:

    * Infertility

    * As an aphrodisiac


    Benefits of huanarpo macho

    The male has similar huanarpo yohimbine alkaloids, researchers demonstrated that proanthocyanidins and bradykinin (a hormone in the body),  helps the cavernous body of penis to relax in the presence of bradykinin and contrareste the deterioration of the smooth cavernous muscle produced in associated vascular diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia which cause erectile dysfunction.

    Loss of libido
    The male huanarpo has this benefit to contain phytochemicals that stimulate increased testosterone.
    Antioxidant activity
    The huanarpo contains significant amounts of antioxidant property give help prevent skin aging by removing oxygen free radicals, and inhibit lipid peroxidation induced by UV radiation.
    It has been reported that the presence of condensed tannins and sapogenins are associated with improved sperm quality and so helps male fertility that is why huanarpo is a good ally in this treatment.

    Huanarpo Macho: Side effects and contraindications 

    So far there have been no reported side effects from eating this plant; however it should be taken as the recommended doses.

    How to Use Huanarpo macho:

     Ethnomedical Use:

    It is used in the Peruvian highlands to soften alcoholic drinks,  in the jungle is often used in infusions and by burning the stem and absorbing the smoke which has a high amount of antioxidants proanthocyanidins, it is not surprising that the crude extracts of roots and huanarpo macho bark are reported for their antioxidant qualities, traditionally the roots and stems in decoction are consumed.

    Recommended Use:                                                                                       

    Is recommended to consume an average of 2 to 3 g daily huanarpo male powder capsules or decoction or 3 x 500 mg tablets.

    There is not enough scientific evidence to ensure their use in pregnant women or children.

    Premium products of huanarpo macho:

    The huanarpo macho has different presentations according to their different processes, but has proven effective in each use.

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    CITES Permission Export - Agriculture Ministry of Peru


    1. Do you offer your Black Maca/Huanarpo products plus all of your product at wholesale price. If so what is your process. I’m an owner of an online herbal store and I was at a time selling Devil Jungles. Also what is your delivery time after the order has been completed? I hope to here from you soon.

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