dragon's blood supplier


The best dragon’s blood supplier from Peru. Are you looking a safe and 100% pure source of this amazonian resin?. Our Dragon’s Blood resin (Croton lechleri) is wild harvested. It has adequate extraction quotas to ensure the health of the trees and complies with all national and international harvesting permissions (a threatened plant on the CITES list). It comes from forestry work with Amazonian communities in Pucallpa – Peru.

At AMAZON ANDES we are producers, suppliers and exporters of products derived from Dragon’s Blood resin and offer wholesale prices for importers and distributors. We are suppliers of the best raw material from the Andean-Amazonian area in Peru.

We have HACCP and GMP certifications plus FDA certified facilities. We also offer the EOM service or private label for Dragon’s Blood, if you are seeking for the best supply of amazonian resins.

Batch certificates of analysis and samples are available.

We are the best alternative from origin. The best 100% pure Dragon’s Blood supplier.