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Dragon’s blood
March 27, 2015
cat`s claw

    Cat’s claw: Origin

    Cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa W.) is a species of liana about thirty meters long and grows well between six hundred and one thousand meters above sea level, (in the Amazon). The bark is carefully removed from the cut stems a metre above the ground, so that the plant can regenerate.

    The Cat’s Claw is one of Peru’s most important medicinal plants. The 1st International Congress on this species was sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) the rediscovery of this Amazonian plant, Cat´s claw was the most important since the discovery of quinine from the Peruvian cinchona tree in the seventeenth century.

    Cat’s claw was known and used by the Yanesha and the Ashaninka in  the central jungles  of Peru. The use of this plant outside the indigenous area is only  recent, dating back to just thirty or forty years.

    The history of scientific discovery dates back to 1830, when it was first described as a botanical species, but it was only in the early fifties when the German naturalist Arturo Brell conducted the first systematic studies of the species, collected from the central Peruvian jungle.

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    Traditional use of cat´s claw

    The traditional use of cat's claw was to make a tea of the inner bark of the vine. Herbalists offer cat's claw in capsules made from dried pulverized bark, like a fluid extract for use under the tongue, and also as tea. It is difficult to know the best dosage, and furthermore there is no way to regulate the concentration of the active ingredients of cat's claw. It contains at least six chemicals that are supposed to have health benefits.

    Benefits of Cat´s claw:

    This is due to the isomitrafilina and pteropodina alkaloids that increase the phagocytic activity of neutrophilic granulocytes and macrophages, and stimulates production of lymphokines. It also increases the number of active phases of monocytes in the peripheral circulation. Granulocytes 60% increase their phagocytic power (Brand test with zymosan particles) extracts in the presence of 0.01%.

    Side effects and contraindications of Cat´s claw:

    • Products derived from extracts of cat´s claw may cause some sedation or drowsiness.
    • Avoid use by pregnant women. It could cause complications

    How to Use Cat´s claw:

     Ethnomedical Use:

    Cat's claw can be taken in a number of ways;  Traditionally in liquid extracts, teas,  capsules are created from the bark of the vine.

    Recommended Use:                                                                     

    There is no proven effective dose for cat's claw in capsules, extracts, tinctures, decoctions and teas are available in stores.

    The Capsules that are used are between 20 and 1000 milligrams, often divided and ingested in doses of one to three times daily or 500-600 mg once a day.

    Up to 25 grams of the bark is used in decoctions, although this dose is based on traditional practices. Cat's claw is also available in skin preparations, but no specific doses that have shown to be safe or effective.

    Premium products of Cat´s claw:

    The Cat´s claw has different presentations according to their different processes, but has proven effective in each use.

    Final Products:

    • Cat's claw bark in bags
    • Cat's claw extract powder
    • Cat's claw capsules x 500 mg
    • Cat's claw  liquid extract(hidroalcoholic)


    • Bags 25 kg cat´s claw bark
    • Bags 25 kg cat´s claw powder
    • Organic Cat's claw 4:1 atomized extract
    • Organic Cat's claw 12:1 atomized extract

    • cat's claw capsules


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