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The best dragon’s blood supplier from Peru. Are you looking a safe, sustainable and 100% pure source of this amazonian resin?. Our Dragon’s Blood resin (Croton lechleri) is wild harvested. It has adequate extraction quotas to ensure the health of the trees and complies with all national and international harvesting permissions (a threatened plant on the CITES list). It comes from forestry work with Amazonian communities in Pucallpa – Peru.

Beyond its topical applications, Amazonian blood resin has been ingested for its potential health benefits. In traditional Amazonian medicine, it is believed to possess anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to soothing digestive discomfort and addressing gastrointestinal issues. The resin’s unique phytochemical composition has led to its exploration as a potential herbal supplement for promoting gut health and immune support.

Culturally, Amazonian blood resin has held a significant role in indigenous rituals and practices. Among various Amazonian tribes, it has been incorporated into spiritual ceremonies and used as an offering to connect with the spirit world. The resin’s vibrant hue and mythical symbolism have earned it a place of reverence in cultural and shamanic contexts, where it is believed to ward off negative energies and enhance spiritual connections.

In recent times, the global wellness and cosmetic industries have embraced Amazonian blood resin for its cosmetic and skincare applications. Its antioxidative properties make it a popular ingredient in natural skincare formulations aimed at promoting skin health and reducing the appearance of aging. Additionally, the resin’s vibrant color has led to its use as a natural dye in beauty and artistic products.

we are producers, suppliers and exporters of products derived from Dragon’s Blood resin and offer wholesale prices for importers and distributors. We are suppliers of the best raw material from the Andean-Amazonian area in Peru.

We have HACCP and GMP certifications plus FDA certified facilities. We also offer the EOM service or private label for Dragon’s Blood, if you are seeking for the best supply of amazonian resins. Batch certificates of analysis and samples are available.
AMAZON ANDES and PROFONAMPE (the largest private environmental fund in Peru), have signed a cooperation agreement to promote the care of the Amazon forest, ensure the sustainability of resources and improve the lives of Achuar and Kiwcha communities in the Datem of Maranon , the most important carbon reserve zone in the Peruvian Amazon.

Dragon’s blood is a pioneer Amazonian species, which grows in secondary forests that are created by natural factors (Winds, tree falls, river changes, etc. Dragon’s blood species grows in these areas as a strategy of the forest to create biomass and recover quickly.A Dragon’s blood tree can live for a maximum of 10 to 12 years and reach 18 to 22 m in height and diameters of 30 to 60 cm. This makes it a fast-growing species that can be propagated in areas with adult trees by managing natural regeneration, or in areas where there are no seed trees by reforestation.

Its rapid growth makes it a species with a high rate of carbon capture, and it can be found in a hectare of Drago’s blood managed between 69 and 101 tn CO2 eq per hectare (CONCYTEC, 2013). With an average density of adult trees of 120 trees per hectare, we can say that each tree captures between 0.57 and 0.84 tn CO2 eq per adult tree during its life years.

The Achuar people have forestry permits approved by the forestry authority (SERFOR) and apply sustainable management practices for Dragon’s blood trees using the Shiringueo method (Harvesting latex with the tree standing, without cutting down trees). Some 5,000 Dragon’s blood trees are planned to be reforested in 2023, which will allow the capture of at least 2,500 tons of CO2 eq in the next 8 years of tree growth.

We are the best alternative from origin. The best 100% pure  and sustainable Grado’s Blood supplier.

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It is popularly known latex that comes from the bark of dragon’s blood trees, with the name of “sangre de grado” or “Grado’s blood”, of the genus Croton (C. lechleri), make deep cuts in their outer shell when they are laid down on the floor (cut until they fall).

These trees are of medicinal interest, belonging to the family Euphorbiaceous and reach a hight of up to 25 m high and 55 cm thick.

In Peru, various speciesod dragon´s blood grow in the jungle and the low jungle, in the departments of San Martín: in the pongo of Cainarache; Huanuco: Chinchao area; Junín: in the Valley of Chandigarh, Loreto: in Yurimaguas and in some areas of Cusco. Extraction or “harvest of the latex” is from when the plant is 5 years old.

The name “sangre de grado” latex, is due to its similarity in color and density to human blood in a way that when a few drops are freshly extracted, they are collected on a finger, and they gives the appearance that the person has suffered a cut, the blood is a reddish liquid.

The dragon’s blood latex contains an alkaloid called “taspine” which accelerates healing of wounds, lacerations and abrasions. The resin also has anti-tumor alkaloids like pyridone aporphine indole, quinoline, tropanes, and unsaturated fatty acids, anthraquinones and triterpenes.

Among its most important effects I must emphasize its activity as an astringent healing and hemostasis, by allowing it to effectively treat different types of skin wounds and mucous membranes, including those which have difficulty with other treatments such as varicose ulcers or decubitus. It has also been demonstrated to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties,, which would improve their effectiveness in the above treatments.

The quality of our products reflect the complete organic process of dragon’s blood ; beginning with our growers in the amazon zone(Pucallpa in Peru).

We offer dragon`s blood products in bulk and wholesale prices for importers and distribuitors, we are suppliers of the best raw material from Amazon Andean zone in Peru…Also please contacts us if you need Private label service or EOM service.
dragon's blood supplier

Dragon’s Blood is one of the most widely used products in the humid tropics of Central and South America. The first written references date back to the 17th century, when the Spanish naturist and explorer P. Bernabé Cobo discovered the healing properties of this latex, widely known by the indigenous tribes of Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. It is mainly used as a healing agent. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and hemostatic properties are also attributed to it, as well as beneficial effects in the treatment of diarrhoea. It is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers, uterine colic and in cases of urinary retention, when ingested in small doses. In addition, it is attributed anticancer action. Other indigenous uses include the treatment of fevers due to digestive causes and pyorrhea, its use in vaginal baths before childbirth for hemorrhages after childbirth. In all these indications of popular medicine, around 8 drops are used (although doses of 20 to 30 drops are even reached), which are usually added to an infusion of any aromatic plant. In the countries of origin it is common to find this latex in different commercial presentations, both in liquid form and incorporated into various preparations.




Vaginal conditions: Dissolve 20 drops in 20 ml of warm water. Eat on an empty stomach once a day for 10 or 20 days. Complete the treatment with washing by making a solution with the resin and water.

Female genital antiseptic: Mix three drops of Dragon’s Blood resin with a liter of water. Apply in the form of vaginal washes.

Depurative: Dilute three or five drops in a little water or fruit juice. Take one glass per month daily, then rest for three months and repeat if desired.

Minor Wounds: Impregnate a piece of sterile cotton with the resin. Clean the wound and apply the resin directly. Do not apply when the wound suppurates.

Tuberculosis: Mix two drops of the resin with milk in a glass. Take it once a day.

Tumors: Mix with warm water or with some solid food. It is used in the same way as in the case of gastric ulcers, after blood purification with other plants, then it is rested for 15 days. Treatment with cat's claw was started again for one month and drago blood the following month.

dragon´s blood use


For external use, the resin/sap is rubbed directly onto the affected area several times a day and allowed to dry. Please note: the resin is red! It will temporarily stain your skin a reddish-brown color (it will wash off), but will permanently stain your clothing.

Rubbing the rosin into the palm of the first hand or directly where the rosin is applied thickens to a thin, lighter-colored paste that helps form a second skin on top of a wound or rash and reduces the spots.

For internal use, the traditional remedy is 10-15 drops in a small amount of liquid, taken 1-3 times a day (be prepared, however, its taste is very particular).


Excessive use of latex can cause constipation, blindness, stomach and circulatory disorders.

Do not abuse its use, nor in large wounds caused by burns, due to the cytotoxic activity of taspine; its use in duodenal ulcer can cause liver damage.


Our brand has the following specifications.

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