AMAZON ANDES EXPORT SAC has many types of certifications that support the sustainability of our processes and guarantee the quality of our final and bulk products. We have certifications of sustainability (BIOCOMERCIO), organic and religious ones.




Our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability framed within the biotrade (UNCTAD BioTrade Initiative) has led us to obtain permission to use the BIOCOMERCIO PERU seal, after passing a government audit of Promperu (Peruvian promotion commission for export) ) it has been confirmed that AMAZON ANDES EXPORT SAC works with mechanisms for the conservation and sustainable use of Peruvian biodiversity in the value chains in which we work directly (see report of results), framed in compliance with the 7 principles and criteria of the biocommerce:

  1. Conservation of biodiversity
  2. Sustainable use of biodiversity
  3. Fair and equitable distribution of benefits derived from the use of biodiversity
  4. Socioeconomic sustainability
  5. Compliance with national and international legislation
  6. Respect for the rights of the actors involved in the Biotrade
  7. Clarity about land tenure, use and access to natural resources and knowledge

This certification helps us to start our project to entry in the Nagoya Protocol, , which consist of access to genetic resources , fair trade and equitable sharing of the benefits derived from its use to the Convention on Biological Diversity.