Sacha Inchi: The Superfood Boosting Your Memory

In the quest for sharp memory and brain health, diet plays a pivotal role. Nutritionists, backed by scientific studies, emphasize consuming Omega-3-rich foods to enhance cognitive function. Sacha Inchi, an ancestral treasure from the Peruvian Amazon, stands as a powerful ally in this journey towards a sharper and clearer mind. Research has revealed that Sacha […]


Black Maca: The Andean Superfood that Enhances Fertility. Maca, also known as Lepidium meyenii, has been the subject of multiple scientific investigations due to its potential health benefits. The maca root is a reserve of bioactive compounds such as alkaloids, flavonoids, macamides, and glucosides, giving it stimulating, tonic, aphrodisiac, and energetic properties. There are up […]

Amazon Andes stands out in Export Forum

Source: (Communications Office) The recent Export SME Forum of the Pacific Alliance was recognized as a vital space to strengthen international trade and the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. This event, supported by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) and the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance, […]

Maca: The Secret to Women’s Health

Discover the Benefits of Maca for Women’s Health and Its Potential to Boost Fertility. Maca, a root that has been in use in Peru for over 2000 years, is gaining popularity in today’s natural health stores. This powerful plant could be of great benefit to women, as it has been associated with improvements in health, […]