Aguaje Oil from Peru 30 ml (1.02 oz.) Buy 100% Mauritia flexuosa oil – Alma

Aguaje oil is extracted by cold pressing from the fruit of the buriti or aguaje palm tree. It contains a significant amount of vitamin A, phytoestrogens and fatty acids. Reduces dryness of the skin, provides elasticity and fights aging, it also strengthens nails and repairs damaged and dry hair, helping to reduce frizz. It is also a great sunscreen.

It is used in the cosmetic industry for its benefits to skin and hair. 50-80 kg of aguaje pulp are required to obtain one liter of oil.

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Aguaje oil benefits:

• Protection against UV radiation and its effects.
• Antioxidant effect.
• High content of vitamin A: excellent for the skin.
• Regenerates and gives color to dyed hair.

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