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Tocosh flour acts as a natural penicillin, activating its antibiotic and bactericidal component. Helps prevent respiratory diseases such as…


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Tocosh powder (200g) – Amazon Andes

Tocosh powder’s millenary use made it an imminent product in Peruvian natural medicine. Considered the penicillin of the Andes for its incredible antibiotic power, it was consumed from the time of the Incas because it was believed a gift of the Apus (gods) in gratitude for their constant offerings and rituals.

Tocosh is obtained through the pulp of the fermented potato. This tuber is considered a food of Peru, containing many benefits such as iron, vitamin D, C, B6, magnesium and potassium. These substances transform this product into natural penicillin by preventing conditions such as ulcers, gastritis, respiratory problems, hair loss, possible skin problems, and avoid osteoporosis.

Tocosh benefits

1.  It improves digestion

Among the health benefits of tocosh, it provides a great probiotic contribution due to the presence of lactobacillus, which is a natural mixture of this and a-tocopherol, effective for the intestinal flora. It also promotes a good digestive metabolism, as it will help prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.

2.  It strengthens the immune system

Natural penicillin that forms in tocosh will help protect the body from imminent bacterial threats.

3.  It relieves respiratory conditions

Thanks to its antibacterial property it helps prevent respiratory infections, mainly bronchitis, pharyngitis and asthma.

4.  It prevents osteoporosis

Studies have shown that regular use of tocosh can decrease the risk of osteoporosis.

How is tocosh prepared?

The collected tocosh is washed in order to remove foreign matter and dust, then it is allowed to dry for three weeks under a shade in the place where it was obtained. The dried tocosh is then pulverized using a grinder. This is how tocosh flour is obtained. Finally, it is stored until further use.

What is tocosh made of?

According to bromatology and nutrition, tocosh has 80.01g% carbohydrate, 3.92g% protein and 343.4 cal-g% low fat calories. Studies show that it has a probiotic component and is considered a fermentation product. In addition, it can be used in postpartum, colds and altitude sickness (soroche).

* Certifications: DIGESA – Peruvian Ministry of Health: N8001721N/NAAAAD

* Composition: Dehydrated and ground tocosh

* Scientific name: Solanum tuberosum

* Part used: tuber

* Origin: Peru

* Directions: Store in a cool, dry place.

Warning: This product has no contraindications, nor have we found reports of possible interactions with the use of medications. The information indicated on this page does not constitute in any way an ordinance or a medical prescription, likewise, the use of these natural products does not exempt from a medical consultation.


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