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Our Services
Natural Products


From Amazon Andes Export SAC we offer a complete line of maquila services adapted to our different clients and requirements of the local and international market. We have organic certification for the USA, EU, JAS, HALAL and KOSHER, as well as BPM and HACCP certification.

We process powders, flours, atomized and hydroalcoholic extracts, softgel capsules, hard capsules and tablets of the main products derived from Peruvian native biodiversity: Maca, chestnuts, camu camu, graviola, aguaje, grade blood, chia, cocoa, lucuma, etc.

We offer maquila and brand inclusion service and EOM to several companies in Peru and the world.

  • Product development
  • Formulation of natural products
  • OEM service:
    • Cápsules( Softgel and hard)
    • Tablets
    • Solid and liquid extracts
    • Sachets
    • Powders
    • Peruvian raw materials in all presentations
  • Processing options:
    • Washing and disinfection
    • Drying
    • Grinding/milling
    • Mixing
    • Cold pressed
  • Packaging in bulk and final products

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Selection and classification

The raw materials used in each of our processes are selected and classified according to the best quality standards.

Washing and disinfection

These processes are carried out under organic standards, and standardized in order to ensure the microbiological quality of the raw material used.


This phase is carried out at a controlled temperature and time according to the humidity obtained after chopping until reaching a final humidity between 3 and 5% that will ensure the efficiency of the process and the quality of the product.


This process is what allows us to gelatinize or extrude our products, this is nothing other than breaking the long chains of starch in order to increase digestibility, making products such as maca, sacha inchi, quinoa, kiwicha, etc. more digestible with a Gelatinization index greater than 94%, this also helps to increase the concentration of nutrients and phytochemicals.

Cold pressed

Extraction process used to obtain our sacha inchi oil, a process with organic certification that allows us to obtain the best nutritional qualities of our oils.


Process in which we pack the powders we process into vegetable capsules, we have maca, graviola, camu camu, acai, huanarpo, etc. capsules, certified organic.


Proceso orgánico de formas farmacéuticas sólidas de dosificación unitaria, obtenidas por compresión mecánica de granulados o de mezclas de polvos con uno o varios principios activos.