Aguaje capsules (100 x 400 mg)

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An exceptional source of nutrition for your overall well-being. Capsules made with pure Aguaje provide a concentration of essential nutrients to enhance your vitality from within.

Supplement your daily diet naturally and in line with your choice of a healthy lifestyle!

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Aguaje capsules, amazonian fruit which is rich in Phytoestrogens and minerals that enhance internal and external health, aguaje pills is precursor of female hormones progestin type (Phytoestrogens).

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They have a high percentage of vitamins (A and E). These vitamins help keep your hair strong and your skin hydrated. Also, they increase estrogen levels, improving hair shine and body.


• Reduces and relieves menopause symptoms.
• Balances hormonal levels.
• Helps alleviate symptoms and pains associated with irregular menstrual cycles.
• High content of vitamin A and E.

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