Aguaje and red maca capsules 120 * 500 mg – ENERGY GREEN


500 mg.

Immerse yourself in the natural richness of the Andes with our Red Maca with Aguaje, an authentic choice to nourish your energy and vitality. Red Maca, known for its ability to boost energy and performance, is combined with Aguaje, rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. Together, these superfoods provide you with a complete dose of nutritional benefits and a boost for women’s well-being.

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Enriched with Red Maca, Aguaje helps balance our body according to individual needs, primarily acting on the endocrine system to balance hormonal levels and promote overall health naturally.


• Helps improve fertility.
• Aids in hormonal balance and reduces symptoms of menopause.
• Assists in repairing bone tissues.

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