Canela guayusa essential oil from Peru 10 ml (1/3 fl. oz.) Buy 100% pure and natural
October 2, 2019
black maca and creatine capsules
Black maca and creatine capsules (120 * 500 mg) – buy pills – ENERGY GREEN
March 14, 2018
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Aguaje and Red Maca capsules 120 * 500 mg – buy pills – ENERGY GREEN


Aguaje and Red Maca capsules 

Aguaje and Red maca, improves fertility. Aguaje is a natural reinforcement of the female hormone progestogen, which also helps with the symptoms of menopause, likewise, maca stimulates the production of estrogen; both contain the component phytoestrogens, which can be found in certain foods of plant origin.
The red maca is subjected to a drying under the sun, then the operations are carried out separately the selection of aguaje and maca, they go through an organic washing and disinfection, they are peeled, cut, dried and ground, finally they are mixed in proportions of 50 / 50, later it is sieved, encapsulated and packed.


  • Increases fertility and balances hormones
  • Benefits and combats menopause
  • Combats osteoporosis, managing to repair bone tissues.
  • Combat the states of depression and anxiety

Composition: 100% Aguaje & Red Maca Powder

Use: Take 2 capsules 3 times per day with a meal.

Does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavors


Store in a cool , dry place. Protect from light. Keep away from children.


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