AMAZON ANDES EXPORT SAC  is more than just a company, we are a long-term project that is seeking to stimulate the development of valuable chains of  products from the Peruvian biodiversity. In addition to commercial activities that we are developing we also have other activities planned, for example, we want to help in the social and environmental development of our country. Our projects will be developed in three stages, and on whose progress will depend directly on the level and rate of growth of the company.

First Stage

  • Production, sales and export of natural organic products in bulk.
  • Strengthen our rural business relationships with our suppliers, native communities and local communities.
  • Search for innovative products that meet the growing international demand for organic products.

Second Stage

  • Search for new local and international markets.
  • To help new producers to obtain organic certification for their new products.
  • Development of new processes to improve the supply and quality of our products.
  • Develop plans and manage the environment of the principal products of exportation, that can be found on listed cites.

Third Stage

  • Invest in environmental and social projects. Search for the less fortunate chains and put finance in place in order to development and strengthen the communities involved.
  • Development and innovation in new cosmetic and functional products.


We develop and work on several lines of process to get the best flour, powders, oils, organic capsules and tablets.
  • seleccion maca
  • lavado y desinfeccion
  • secado
  • encapsulado