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Our Mission

We AMAZON ANDES specialize in the production and marketing of organic superfoods from Peruvian biodiversity. We offer non-GMO, gluten-free, additive-free, organic and vegan foods for our customers who are looking for a healthy, sustainable and 100% natural food option. We innovate with the purest and most powerful ingredients of Peru, always prioritizing the sustainable impact of the inputs collected and cultivated in the Andean-Amazonian zone of our country, working hand to hand with Andean and native communities that allow us to have the traceability of our operations and thus supporting the social-economical development of Peru.
Make AMAZON ANDES an ambassador company of the Peruvian Andean- Amazonian biodiversity; changing the paradigm of the export of raw materials and increasing our participation in the international market in modern and traditional channels, highlighting and transmitting the potential of the nutritional and pharmacological richness of our products. Always with an eco-efficient methodology in our chain of value and with a positive impact and sustainable use of the biodiversity of our country.

Our vision



Until now we have collaborated in giving part of our income with Pachamama raymi to help the sustainable management and afforestation of high Andean forests in Cuzco, Peru.

We achieved the following things:


Since 2022 we have been working hand to hand with Promperu to capture our work in biotrade and fair trade in our annual sustainability report, that is, to document and support an external Audit about the work that Amazon Andes has in its firm commitment to sustainability.