maca powder supplier


The best maca powder supplier from Peru. Are you looking a safe source of black, red and yellow maca root?. We produce and market the best Organic Peruvian Maca Powder. Our standarized processes ensure the highest content of macamides, macaenes, protein and fiber present in maca (Lepidium meyenii).

The black, red and yellow maca roots used in our products are cultivated at the Plateau of Bom Bom (more than 3500 masl) in Junin – Pasco, with the traditional high Andean cultivation technique of rotating farmland every 5 years and the natural sun drying of the tubers for 3 months, both practices ensure the nutritional quality of our derivatives.

At AMAZON ANDES we are producers, suppliers and exporters of organic products derived from maca root in bulk (raw and gelatinized powder). We offer wholesale prices for importers and distributors.  Currently, we are in more than 37 countries. We are suppliers of the best raw material from the Andean-Amazonian area in Peru.

We have an active certificate by Control Union Peru for USDA-NOP, EUROPE, CANADA and JAPAN. Our facilities  are FDA certified.

Avaliable the EOM service or private label in the following products:

  • Vegetable organic maca capsules(yellow, red and black)
  • Maca tablets.
  • Hydroalcoholic maca extract.
  • Atomized maca extract.
  • Organic raw yellow, red and black maca raw powder.
  • Organic gelatinized yellow, red and black maca powder.
  • Maca roots chips.

Our facilities have HACCP and GMP quality certifications by NSF. Batch certificates of analysis and samples are available. We are HALAL, NO GMO, 100% vegan and Gluten free certified.

We are the best alternative from origin. The best Andean maca powder supplier .