WIRACOA and palo santo PREMIUM incense sticks (7 Units) – Terra – Pacha

7 units

Immerse yourself in the essence of the Andes with our WIRACOA and Palo Santo PREMIUM incense sticks. Handmade from a unique blend of sawdust, Palo Santo resin, and Wiracoa, these sticks bring the grounding power of the Earth element (Pacha). Ideal for repelling negativity, enhancing concentration in meditation, and enjoying a fragrant, long-lasting experience. Elevate your space with the magical properties of Palo Santo. Light up, breathe, and embrace the natural harmony of PACHA

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• Serves as incense and inhaler, aiding bronchial problems

• Can improve memory and alleviate lethargy

• Can help relieve headaches, promoting overall well-being

• Enhances concentration in meditation

• Repels negative thoughts and energies

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