Essential Oil burner – Porcelain – hand crafted “Chulucanas”


Explore the magic of aromatherapy with our Chulucanas, Peru Porcelain Essential Oil Burner. Inspired by Chimú ethnic masks, this elegant burner not only adds cultural authenticity to your space but also allows you to indulge in your favorite essential oils.

Each piece is a unique work of art crafted by talented Peruvian artisans. Elevate your well-being and beautify your surroundings with this expression of Peru’s rich craft tradition.

Includes a candle

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Oil burner handmade by artisans from Chulucanas, it is an own design inspired by the ethnic masks of the pre-Columbian Chimú culture, this beautiful burner is dual-use, it allows you to use essential oil, as well as cones and sticks of palo santo. This product helps and gives value to the art of artisans who work in the Chulucanas cities.



Cream, red, black, and yellow.


• Embellish your home with a touch of cultural authenticity.

• Dual function, allowing you to use both essential oils and palo santo cones or sticks.

• By acquiring this product, you contribute to the direct support of local artisans, promoting sustainable development and fair trade.

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