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Graviola Soursop Powder 100 g – 3,5 g – Amazon Andes

Graviola soursop leaf powder is obtained through safe production processes. Graviola leaves are selected, washed, disinfected, dried, powdered and packaged, which guarantees that their biological and nutritional properties are not affected. If you want to know more about this wonderful herb, keep reading!

What is graviola?

This magnificent leaf is native to the rainforest of Peru. The fruit of the tree is sold in local markets in the tropics where it is called Guanabana and is excellent for making drinks and sorbets. Although slightly acidic, it can be eaten fresh, and the leaf of this tree is called graviola.

Amazon Andes offers this leaf in powder. This superb product is an excellent choice for enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of graviola soursop

1. Antioxidant properties

These antioxidants help people stay healthy. Thus, according to a 2014 study, graviola extract has many compounds with antioxidant capacities.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties

According to another study, graviola has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain and its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power help people stay healthy.

3. It can help lower blood pressure

Graviola is often used as a popular remedy to lower blood pressure. Uncontrolled high blood pressure may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

4. It can help prevent ulcers

Ulcers are painful sores that develop in the lining of the stomach, the esophagus or small intestine. According to a study, graviola showed anti-ulcer abilities and helped protect the mucous lining of the stomach. It also helped prevent free radical damage to the digestive tract.

5. It can help lower blood sugar

Graviola can help people regulate their blood sugar if they have diabetes. Researchers believe this may be the result of better glucose control.

* Use: It is recommended to use 1 to 2 tablespoons (5 – 10 g) accompanied with juices or smoothies, boil and drink as timed water.

* Composition: 100% organic graviola powder

* Scientific name: Annona Muricata

* Part used: Leaves

* Origin: Pucallpa, Peru

* Certifications:

DIGESA Peruvian Ministry of Health N7402420N/NAAAAD

USDA NOP and EU organic certificate


* Contraindications: None

* Warning: This product has no contraindications, nor have we found reports of possible interactions with the use of medications. The information indicated on this page does not constitute in any way an ordinance or a medical prescription, likewise, the use of these natural products does not exempt from a medical consultation.


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Graviola or soursop powder, due to its high content of acetogenin, substant which have adriomicina, which is used in chemotherapy, but does not damage healthy tissue. It is said that the acetogenin is about 10,000 times more effective than adriomicina.

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