Fiber Vitality Sachets – (300 g – 10.58 oz) – Amazon Andes – Buy

Fiber vitality is a supplement with a high content of vegetable fiber, it is made with organic and 100% natural products that promote detoxification and integral intestinal health.


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Fiber Vitality Sachets – (300 g – 10.58 oz) – Amazon Andes

Fiber vitality is a supplement with a high content of vegetable fiber. This shake is made of 100% natural products that promote detoxification and integral intestinal health. It is also  rich in fiber because it is a mixture of orange powder, chia, agave inulin and powdered green tea. These provide you with great benefits and protect your immune system.

Fiber Vitality benefits

* Promotes regularity, cleanses the intestines and helps prevent constipation.

* Supports the growth of the intestinal flora.

* Helps strengthen the immune system and promotes blood detoxification.

* Helps detoxify, maintain a cleaner and younger body.

* Improves digestion, makes you feel full and makes it easier for sugars and fats to be digested much better.

Properties of its main components

* Chia: Its antioxidant potential, its beneficial effects on diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension and its anti-inflammatory and laxative properties, among others, are supported by scientific evidence, according to a review of studies published in Journal of Food Science and Technology.

* Matcha tea powder: Its great contribution of antioxidants strengthens the immune system especially catechins, a type of phenolic compound, proven to be much more powerful than vitamin C and E when stopping oxidative stress in cells.

* Inulin: A diet rich in inulin also contributes to a better assimilation of certain minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It reduces gas, prevents constipation and intestinal inflammation. It helps in weight loss as it improves leptin rates, satiety hormone, and ghrelin, hunger hormone.

* Magnesium citrate: Magnesium citrate is used to treat short-term constipation. Magnesium citrate belongs to a class of medicines called saline laxatives. It works by keeping water in the stool. This increases the number of stools and softens stools to make them easier to pass.

* Potassium chloride: It is a supplement used to treat low blood potassium levels, and is also an ingredient in many salt substitutes. Potassium is an essential electrolyte that sustains life, lowers blood pressure and fluid retention in the body.

* Tricalcium phosphate: It has benefits related to precipitation of intestinal bile salts, which means a decrease in blood lipid and cholesterol levels.


* Ingredients: Orange fruit flour, chia fiber, agave inulin, powdered matcha tea, magnesium citrate, potassium chloride, tricalcium phosphate, zinc sulfate, Stevia leaves, natural orange flavor.

It does not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

* Recommended use: It is recommended to take 10 g (equivalent to a measuring spoon) diluted in water or another drink once a day.

* Origin: Peru

* Certifications:

DIGESA Sanitary Registry


* Warning: This product has no contraindications, nor have we found reports of possible interactions with the use of medications. The information indicated on this page does not constitute in any way an ordinance or a medical prescription, likewise, the use of these natural products does not exempt from a medical consultation.

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