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Buy camu camu capsules, Myrciaria Dubia with organic certificate. Made in Peru, shipped from USA. Camu camu vegan pills, high content vitamin C


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Organic Camu camu capsules

Camu camu capsules contain more vitamin C than any other fruit on the planet: between 1,800 and 2,780 mg. per 100 grs. camu camu pulp. Compared to oranges, camu camu offers 30 times more vitamin C, 3 times more niacin, twice more riboflavin, and 50 percent more phosphorus.

Camu camu capsules contains 63 times more ascorbic acid , beta – carotene , calcium , iron , niacin , riboflavin , thiamine , proteins and is excellent for wound healing.

As a natural source of vitamin C, camu camu enhances collagen formation in the body. Collagen is essential for the body because it maintains many structures and improves the formation of bones, skin, teeth, blood vessels, and gums. In addition, Camu Camu in capsules stimulates the body’s natural defenses and intervenes in the absorption of iron that comes from other foods. Read more about camu camu berry.

Our product is harvested in organic camu camu plantations in yarinacocha, in Pucallpa, in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Our product is 100% pure, it does not contain preservatives or additives.


  • Super natural antioxidant.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Anti-aging, promotes the absorption of collagen.
  • High vitamin C content ( 7% to 10% ).

Use: Consume 2 to 3 ( per day) before or with food.

Composition: 100% Organic camu camu powder in vegan capsules

Scientific name: Myrciaria Dubia

Part used: whole fruit Camu camu Berry

Origin: Pucallpa, Peru

Contraindications: none


  • USDA-NOP, EU, JAS and USCOEA organic.
  • HALAL.
  •  DIGESA Sanitary Registry.


The effects of this product is backed by empirical experience of ancient traditional medicines, with excellent results and the absence of harmful side effects if given within the correct dose. The information listed identified here is by no means an ordinance or a prescription, the use of these natural products does not replace a medical consultation.


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9 reviews for Camu camu capsules (100 * 500 mg) – organic USDA – Buy vegan pills – AMAZON ANDES

  1. Stephen Baldwin

    I bought these to take on vacation because I was drinking Camu Camu powder, which isn’t particularly convenient when traveling. It turns out that the capsules are so easy to take that I decided to switch over permanently, plus I guess it’s nice to know exactly how much Camu Camu you are taking, rather than judging by the spoonful mixed with a milkshake or whatever. Does the Camu Camu actually “do anything?” Yes, I think it does. At least, I certainly can feel the difference when I haven’t taken my daily dose.

    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)

      Thanks for your input, Stephen!

  2. Rosa Guerino

    I am felling much energized with this pills .

    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)

      Thanks for your input, Rosa!

  3. macky

    getting vitamin c from camu camu is a great way to help the body fight off the ills of living in this day and age.

    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)

      You’re right!

  4. Glynda J Laing

    Good quality and great product. I have just ordered my 3 bottle

    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)

      Thanks, Glynda!

  5. Mary Gomez

    It met my expectations

    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)

      Thanks Mary!

  6. Chiachia

    I was afraid to taste Camu powder. It tastes bitter and sour. But there is this capsule much more convenient, do not have to taste terrible taste, can also have the same nutrition.

    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)

      Thanks, Chiachia!

  7. Asadullah Nezam


    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)


  8. Ronnie

    I don’t miss a day without camu camu. This one worked and it doesn’t have a bad taste. Veg caps, gmo free, nice…..

    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)

      Thanks, Ronnie!

  9. Dave Kenneth

    Good packaging! Wonder if I could import this. I might contact you later

    • Amazon Andes (verified owner)

      Thanks for your interest!

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