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The camu camu improves the body’s immune defenses. An antioxidant acid called Gallic acid is also present in the camu camu. Also contain Vitamin C, this is an essential for collagen nutrient formation, and plays an important role in wound healing. Collagen gives skin its elasticity and its degradation leads to wrinkles, vitamin C also helps to regenerate other antioxidants such as vitamin E

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  • Sale! Organic camu camu capsules

    Camu camu capsules (100 * 500 mg) – organic USDA – Buy vegan pills – AMAZON ANDES

  • Sale! collagen powder

    Hydrolyzed collagen + camu camu (10 oz * 300 g) – Buy – Energy green

  • Sale! Buy organic camu camu powder

    Camu Camu Powder 200 g 7 oz – organic – buy – AMAZON ANDES

  • Sale! Devil's  Jungle capsules for MEN

    Devil´s Jungle capsules for MEN 100 *350 mg – buy – AMAZON ANDES